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Municipality of Jasper

Director, Urban Design and Standards

Explore the Splendor of Jasper. Imagine a career where every window opens to the unrivaled splendor of snow-capped mountains and crystalline lakes. The Municipality of Jasper, cradled in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, presents an awe-inspiring backdrop where nature and community intertwine. Known for its commitment to environmental stewardship and vibrant community life, Jasper is not just a place to work—it's a global destination. Here, amidst the pristine landscapes of Jasper National Park, lies an extraordinary opportunity to lead with impact and creativity.
Steward of a Special Place. As Jasper embarks on a transformative journey, we introduce the inaugural role of Director, Urban Design and Standards—a position created for an imaginative thinker who is passionate about shaping sustainable communities. In this role, you will have the unique privilege of building and leading a new department from the ground up. Your vision will define the strategic direction, integrating innovative urban planning with Jasper’s unique geographical and governance context. This is a chance to shape the future of a close-knit mountain town with an international reputation that hosts over 2.5 million visitors a year.
Strategic Challenges and Creative Solutions. The Director will face the intricate challenge of fostering urban development within the fixed confines of Jasper’s scenic landscape. This role requires a delicate balance of enhancing infrastructure, expanding housing, and shaping public transportation all while achieving the best possible environmental outcomes. You will lead projects that demand both creative thinking and rigorous planning, navigating both federal and provincial regulations and environmental protections. Your leadership will catalyze holistic approaches and planning solutions that respect Jasper's natural beauty and the community’s authentic sense of place.
Seeking Visionary Leadership. We are seeking a leader with a strong background in urban planning, architecture, or community development, enriched by complex problem-solving and an adeptness in managing significant projects. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of sustainable development principles and the ability to interpret and navigate through stringent regulatory landscapes. Your role will demand excellent communication skills to articulate clear ideas, negotiate with various stakeholders, and inspire a team towards achieving shared goals. This position is not just about professional expertise; it’s about fostering a legacy of innovative, sustainable community planning that integrates Jasper's unique economy with the practical needs of its residents.
Step into a role where your strategic foresight and innovative thinking will directly contribute to the community fabric of Jasper and the lifelong memories of millions of visitors. This is more than a job— it’s a career-defining opportunity to impact a world heritage site with your creativity and leadership. Join us in Jasper, where your work will resonate with both the community and the environment, crafting a future where both can thrive together.
To be part of this transformative journey, send your CV and Letter of Interest with the subject line “Jasper - Director” to: