Executive Director, Community Development Services

Rocky View County

Executive Director, Community Development Services

Under the guidance of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Executive Director Community Development Services is responsible for functioning as an arm of the office of the Chief Administrative Officer working within the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and is responsible for the Community Development Services Division (CDSD) in Rocky View County.  The Division has the following departments: Building Services; Fire Services & Emergency Management; Municipal Enforcement; Planning & Development Services; and Recreation, Parks & Community Support.  The Executive Director CDSD will work harmoniously with the CAO and Executive Leadership Team to design, develop and implement a corporate business implementation plan for the County in a manner that is both cost and time-efficient.  The Executive Director is charged with the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the CDSD of oversight, which includes guiding, leading and mentoring staff; ensuring that objectives are met; as well as developing business plans in collaboration with his/her management team.

As the Executive Director CDSD, the incumbent guides and directs a management team to provide planning, budgeting, and evaluation of the operations and delivery of services in accordance with appropriate legislation, bylaws, objectives, policies, and programs, effectively and efficiently pursuant to a Corporate Strategic Business Plan, with the highest level of customer service to Rocky View  County as the end goal.

The Executive Director CDSD  is accountable to the CAO or delegate who he/she reports to on a regular basis – quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  As a key member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the Executive Director CDSD governs through strategic direction and oversees the administration and operations, provides integration and as needed directs the Municipal Corporation by supporting appropriate options and decisions.

  • In collaboration with the ELT, the incumbent shares responsibility for preparing recommendations for the Council Strategic Plan and translating the Council Strategic Plan into respective Divisional initiatives and objectives, by clearly communicating them to Management and ensuring departmental goals and business plans are aligned with Council strategies.
  • Responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring multi-year and annual objectives for the Division to meet Council direction.Provide leadership and guidance to Departments, monitoring the progress towards those goals and anticipating the resources required to achieve them.
  • Be well informed of everything that goes on in the organization and Division of oversight. This includes staff, budget, corporate assets, and all other corporate resources, to help make the best use of them in order to raise the County service levels as well as the County profile.
  • Develop, implement, administer and maintain Division policies and procedures, aligned with the Rocky View policy framework.
  • Direct Divisional planning, development, and delivery of programs and services, and foster changes and improvements that make these programs and services cost effective and efficient delivering quality services that support and improve the quality of life of County residents and ratepayers.
  • Attend all related leadership meetings, and the meetings of such boards, committees, authorities, commissions, or other bodies as assigned or deemed necessary.
  • Be prepared and submit reports, answer questions, and provide appropriate recommendations regarding the above-mentioned areas.

Executive Leadership

  • Establish and foster positive relationships within the community, with other levels of government and the media, and act as a liaison on issues of community or corporate concern, in accordance with the County's external relations agenda.
  • Emphasize the view of the residents and stakeholders in setting priorities. Utilize feedback from both residents and stakeholders in making decisions. Advocate for policies and processes that benefit internal and/or external relationships.
  • Resolve issues expeditiously, and ensure that employee resources are in place and utilized effectively to meet the service delivery standards of the County.
  • Participate on related boards and agencies and provide advice, assistance, and alternate solutions to various committees, boards, etc.Ensure that all statements and recommendations reflect the best interest of the County; and represent/defend the County's position at administrative and judicial tribunals.
  • Maintain awareness of and adhere to the County's OH&S policies by following responsibilities as outlined in the Health and Safety Manual; comply with all safe work procedures and the OH&S program requirements; monitor and enforce subordinate compliance with the OH&S program.
Leadership Qualities
  • Committed to serving others
  • Lead to make others better
  • Civic-centric perspective – citizens and Council service approach
  • Credibility – exceeds expectations and consistent
  • Engages employees
  • Broad focused
  • Analytical assessment capacity - programs, services and finances
  • Experienced financial acumen
  • Forward thinker – visionary able to articulate objectives
  • Model Executive motivator – inspires confidence

Fiscal Management

  • Participate in all short- and long-term financial planning processes, ensuring continued improvement in all facets of the Division’s and County’s financial affairs.
  • Ensure effective financial planning and expenditure controls are in place and is accountable for fiscal responsibility, efficiency, and restraint, while maintaining integrity and effectiveness in all aspects of administration for programs and services of responsibility.
  • Participates in the preparation of annual budgets for submission to Council for operating and capital programs in accordance with guidance from the CAO pursuant to the Municipal Government Act.
  • Monitor and provide reports to the CAO on the operating and capital budgets, and report on variances between budgeted and actual expenditures.

A degree in a related discipline, preferably at the master’s level, along with a minimum ten years diverse experience including senior management level and certified in Local Government Management/Administration. Knowledge of and experience in municipal planning is required. This individual will demonstrate:
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality and discretion in all matters.
  • The ability to deal effectively in political environments at all levels.
  • Excellent leadership skills, and experience in strategic planning, organizational development, and policy development.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a collaborative style and the ability to build and maintain effective internal and external working relationships.
  • The ability to prioritize and effectively manage time in an atmosphere of tight timelines, frequent interruptions, and changing priorities.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in business and municipal management.


Customer Service:  Committed to excellence in customer service to ensure ratepayers’ and stakeholders’ needs and expectations are being met or exceeded  in a timely, efficient manner, particularly as the County continues to grow.

Leadership Skills: Provides leadership, guidance, and support while serving as a mentor and positive role model who communicates potential opportunities to departments of oversight while empowering staff and incorporating the views of others. 
  • is an integral leader and a key part of the Executive Leadership Team;
  • is able to hold all leadership and management to the highest standard and ensure they meet all required objectives
  • has a consistent style of working respectfully with others;
  • develops and maintains co-operation and communication between stakeholders (regional and local), and fosters teamwork within the working groups being managed;
  • seeks the input of all group members;
  • value diversity for the perspectives it provides; and
  • maintains an environment encouraging high employee engagement and motivation.
Management Skills: 
  • is able to motivate, plan, direct, and evaluate people and activities in a complex organization;
  • has excellent conflict resolutions skills;
  • sets objectives which are specific and clearly communicated, measurable, realistically achievable, and time targeted, and holds administration accountable for achieving results;
  • is responsible for clarifying the expectations of others;
  • acknowledges how personal decisions, actions, and standards of performance influence work accomplishments;
  • accepts responsibility for work accomplishments; and
  • recognizes changes required to achieve better results going forward
Technical Competencies: 
  • is a pragmatic, data-driven decision maker;
  • is accurate and timely in financial planning, budgeting, and management reporting; and
  • possesses strong marketing skills and “business acumen” to assist in economic development and other initiatives;
  • has basic competency in information technology, engineering, legal services, planning and development control, community services, infrastructure, and financial management; and
  • is competent in Human Resource/Employee Relations;
  • is an innovator, with a progressive, outgoing and mature style;
  • understands and interprets social, economic, and political trends and issues facing municipal government;
  • has the ability to quickly understand the uniqueness and diversity of the County and its needs;
  • involves key stakeholders and the general public in establishing priorities, and shows sensitivity to changing approaches;
  • uses an open-minded and common-sense approach, and has intuitive judgement abilities; and
  • supports volunteerism as an integral part of community building.
Communication Skills: 
  • Communicates clearly, is focused and positive and listens to others; patient.
  •   Demonstrates integrity, is honest, forthright, open and transparent.

A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary and excellent benefits.  Further details will be discussed in a personal interview.

Allan Nelson  OR   Laura Youngberg  
Leaders International
530, 1000 – 7 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 5L5
Phone:  (403) 263-0600 
Email:  calgary@leadersinternational.com

Organization: Rocky View County
Location: Calgary, AB
Region: Calgary
Professional Category(s): Community Development
Posted: June 3, 2019, 11:58 am
Expires: July 31, 2019, 4:30 pm

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