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Closing Date: August 17, 2018

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Title: Custodial Guard (Permanent, On-Call)
Job ID: 1288 (External)
Pay Class: Hourly
Days of Work: Various
Hours of Work: On Call, various shifts when required

Position Overview: Note that more than one may be hired 

Performs custodial and prison guard work of a relatively complex nature under the close supervision of the Provost Supervisor in the City RCMP Headquarters. The work involves being assigned to the locked security area housing prisoner cells, maintaining surveillance over prisoners to ensure their security and welfare, quelling minor disturbances, and maintaining a prisoner log. Any unusual activity or prisoner complaints are reported immediately to an RCMP Member and detailed procedures to be followed are prescribed by RCMP regulations. The job involves inside work with continual exposure to several disagreeable elements such as noise, verbal abuse, fumes and odours, contagious diseases. The job requires average physical exertion and relationships are of a non-routine nature requiring courtesy and some persuasion when dealing with RCMP members and those in custody. The safety of others depends on the proper performance of the job.

  1. Performs data entry, books in prisoners, and creates various forms for police use.
  2. Retrieves information necessary to complete forms and checks for warrants through the use of RCMP computer programs.
  3. Maintains awareness of prisoner activities, inspects occupants of cells at frequent intervals, requests prisoners to refrain from property damage and unnecessary noise or disturbance, and when necessary, immediately reports such incidents to the officer on duty.
  4. Reports to the RCMP officer on duty when a prisoner tries to escape, injures and/or abuses him or herself or another prisoner, or requires medical attention.
  5. Searches and inspects cells before prisoners enter and after they leave, removes all garbage after each meal, and ensures the cell is free of all contraband at the beginning and end of each shift.
  6. Sweeps, mops, and disinfects cells and immediate area as required.
  7. Assists with search of prisoners as requested; may be asked to accompany prisoners during prisoner transfer.
  8. Photographs prisoners, and prepares all necessary paperwork to obtain prisoner fingerprints.
  9. Ensures the care and control of prisoner property.
  10. 1Prepares and serves meals to prisoners.
  11. 1Numbers and maintains prisoner log book by noting results of cell inspections, unusual occurrences, visitations, telephone calls, prisoner requests, removal of prisoners, and changes of guards.
  12. 1Maintains and records relevant prisoner information in meal log, telephone log, medical log, and ambulance log.
  13. Conducts close watches and frequent physical cell checks of suicidal and mentally unstable persons.
  14. Deals with phone queries regarding prisoners, past and present.
  15. Liaisons with Sheriffs, Corrections, and other agencies regarding the transfer of prisoners.
  16. Obtains signatures as required by regulations.
  17. Administers prescribed medication to prisoners when required.
  18. May on occasion be required to give evidence in court.
  19. Performs related work as required.


Required Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge
  1. Working knowledge of policies and procedures involved in control, custody, and welfare of prisoners.
  2. Ability to remain alert in a prison environment.
  3. Ability to deal firmly with prisoners while respecting their personal rights.
  4. Ability to make decisions, act quickly, properly, and calmly in emergency situations.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  6. Ability to maintain records.
  7. Sufficient physical strength and agility to perform the work.
  8. Word processing and spreadsheet software experience.
  9. Ability to work shift work anytime and on short notice.
Preferred Training, Experience, Membership, etc.
  1. Previous guard or police related experience and/or completion of related courses.
  2. Completion of a BC Corrections Program.
  3. WHIMIS Certificate.
Required Experience, Licences, Certificates, etc.
  1. Completion of Senior Secondary School or its or equivalent.
  2. WCB Level 1 First Aid Certificate.
  3. Minimum six months previous experience working in a corrections facility or in a security role.
  4. Completion of post-secondary computer courses or experience in basic Word and basic Excel as demonstrated through testing. 60% pass rate is required.
  5. Ability to obtain and maintain a RCMP Reliability Security Clearance.
Department: Corporate Services & Community Safety
Position Type: Permanent on-call
Reports To: Police Support Services Supervisor
City:  Kamloops
Province:  British Columbia [BC]
Country:  Canada [CA]
Position:  CUPE Hourly
Hourly Wage:  $23.57
Closing Date:  8/17/2018

Compensation & Benefits Overview

As per the recently created Letter of Understanding (LOU) ‘RCMP Custodial Guards’ all incumbents hired into the RCMP classification after October 3, 2016 will be considered ‘Newly Hired’ RCMP Custodial Guards to be compensated at wage grade 3 ($23.57/hr.) Incumbents in this role who are part time, temporary or on-call shall receive a benefit allowance equal to 14% of their total earnings as per Article 19 (g) of the Collective Agreement. Provisions of the RCMP Custodial Guards LOU do not apply to grand parented incumbents in the position prior to October 3, 2016. For complete details, please refer to the attached LOU.

To Apply
To apply for this position, please visit our website at

Organization: City of Kamloops
Location: Kamloops, BC
Region: Thompson / Shuswap / Columbia
Professional Category(s): Janitorial/Custodial Services, Security/Crime Reduction
Posted: August 10, 2018, 1:14 pm
Expires: August 17, 2018, 4:00 pm

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