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Site Credits would not have been possible without the support of many people in the Canadian local government sector.

First, would like to thank James Thackray, Chief Administrative Officer from the Town of Creston, BC. Mr.Thackray was the original advocate for creating this service, and his encouragement has been unwavering.

Second, we would like to thank the "Promoting Municipal Employment" Subcommittee of the Greater Vancouver Regional Action Committee group of City Managers. It's a long name for a small group of dedicated Human Resource Managers from some of British Columbia's largest centres, including: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver (City and District), West Vancouver, Delta, Metro Vancouver (Region), and Langley (Township). The talented people on this committee - all of whom have provided ideas and input - include Karina Garrett, Nancy Johnson, Suzanne Ayin, Ranjit Bharaj, and Loraine Holinaty. Each person is a credit to her organization.

Third, we must acknowledge the talents and dedication of the people who built this site. Keith Valley and Bonnie Mak have been the primary web developers, and they are responsible for many of the features found on this website. Original graphic design services were provided by Jamey Ekins, and credit for design work done since 2009 goes to A&G Creative of Richmond, BC.

Overall project planning and management has been the responsibility of the CivicInfo BC Executive Director, Todd Pugh.

And finally, credit and thanks must be given to the first organizations who signed on as partners: CivicInfo BC; the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks, and Treasurers of Ontario; the Local Government Administrators of the Northwest Territories; and the Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia. These organizations provided the original "critical mass" of job postings that continue to draw thousands of unique visitors to the website.