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Why post on CivicJobs.ca

When you post a job on CivicJobs.ca, we work hard to get your listing out to people who may have never considered a career in local government. Most other municipal job boards are aimed at a people who are already working in local government sector. While it’s important to look for internal candidates, and experienced people from other jurisdictions, we recognize that local governments need new people as well.

The CivicJobs.ca website is meant for a public audience.

Other reasons why local governments are choosing to list on CivicJobs.ca:

  • We have more postings than any other local government job board in Canada.
  • As of October 2012, CivicJobs.ca was experiencing approximately 428,000 page views per month.
  • Thousands of job seekers are using our website, and numbers are climbing rapidly.

And because our site lists only local government and related jobs, you know that youíre reaching a highly focused audience: people who are genuinely interested in pursuing a local government career.

Finally, itís worth noting that CivicJobs.caís affiliates and associates are all not-for-profit professional organizations. CivicJobs.ca is not a private company. Proceeds from the sale of job postings are used for three purposes:

  • To advertise the CivicJobs.ca website to various public audiences.
  • To pay overhead costs associated with running the CivicJobs.ca website.
  • To support programs and services run by local government professional associations, all of whom are ultimately working to help make Canadian communities better places to live, work, and play.