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CivicJobs.ca is the ideal place for local government employers to post jobs online.

Collectively, Canadian local governments employ more people than the federal government, and more than all provincial governments combined. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 390,000 Canadians were employed by local governments in 2008.

Most job seekers know that there is a single-source website for employment opportunities with the federal government, and there is generally a single site for each provincial government as well. Until now, there has been no local government equivalent, and job seekers have had to comb through dozens of websites to find municipal work.

CivicJobs.ca aims to change that: we are working hard to be a single-source destination for Canadian local government jobs. We acknowledge that it will take time for this vision to be fully realized, but we're making remarkable progress. We continue to post local government jobs in every province across Canada.

CivicJobs.ca is not a private, for-profit company. It's a co-operative venture between not-for-profit local government associations across Canada.

Employers do pay a fee to post on CivicJobs.ca; either directly or sometimes through a provincial association. Those fees are used to cover overhead costs associated with running this website, and they are used to advertise CivicJobs.ca and local government careers in general to a broad, public audience. In some jurisdictions, a portion of fees may also be used to help develop education and training programs for local government staff.